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I just watched 2 minutes of Wrestlemania 36 and Had To Shut It Off

I just turned on Wrestlemania 36 and I couldn’t take it.

I totally understand why the WWE decided to continue and have Wrestlemania. The fans need sports and this is the closest thing to it.

Yeah, I’m not someone who watches wrestling but I’ll normally throw Wrestlemania on and this is just impossible. Without the fans in the stands, and them continuing cheesy promos before the matches it’s hard to watch.

I’m trying to think of a better way that the WWE could have done this, I’d recommend pumping in crowd noise and figuring out a better way to have the cameras set up as the camera cuts suck and are annoying.

But other than that, I have no ideas…

So I guess we’ll always remember this as the worst Wrestlemania ever? Thanks coronavirus.

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