I Just Called to Say Fuck You: The Importance of #SpeakingOut and The Importance of Outsiders #ShuttingtheFuckUp

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A Movement or a Witch Hunt? The recent allegations driving the #SpeakingOut movement are another reminder of the seedy side of society, as some shocking accusations are being made against wrestlers and other individuals in the industry. However, the number of fans, trolls, and attention whores trying to virtue signal is getting ridiculous so much so that in the immortal words of the Queers, “I Just Called to Say Fuck You.” The number of outsiders (largely wrestling fans) who seem to think this movement is about them is disgusting. Add in the self-righteous zealots who are quick to damn everyone who has been accused and you have a situation that’s quickly turned into something reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials and the Red Scares of 1919-1920 and 1947-1957. As any student of history will tell you, the Red Scares began as legitimate hunts for Communist spies, but the draconian methods employed destroyed the movement’s original goals.

Holding People Accountable It’s no surprise that an entertainment industry like wrestling has its share of predators and it’s good that people are stepping forward to hold predators accountable. The wrestling industry (like any business) needs to weed out predators, bring them to justice, and remove any systems in place that enable predators to take advantage of positions of power.

Giving the Accused Their Day in Court: Anyone who has been accused of misconduct including crimes is presumed innocent until guilty, but that hasn’t been the case so far. It’s difficult to overcome the court of public opinion, particularly in a world fueled by social media and questionable reporting. While it’s crucial to listen to the people making accusations, it seems like no one wants to hear what the accused have to say.

Virtue Signaling Fans: Fans need to step back and stop making the #SpeakingOut movement about them. It’s great for fans to let people know they support the movement but don’t make it about you. Naturally, the attention whores and cucks out there will hit social media and bemoan the situation, usually engaging in lengthy discourses on toxic masculinity while making it a point to say “I’m not like that.”

Don’t make it about you

It’s All About Me: While it should go without saying, I’ll say it for the ignorant and/or braindead out there; this isn’t about the people making accusations but the Puritans who are getting on the moral bandwagon and passing judgment on the accused. For example, I recently, saw someone ask whether the fans could forgive Sammy Guevara for his comments towards Sasha Banks. First, Sasha Banks is the person who can or cannot forgive Sammy (and by her most recent comments, she has). Second, you can decide you don’t want to be a fan but what makes you think you’re somehow part of what happened between Sammy and Sasha is any of your business? That’s the height of arrogance and a prime example of how people are turning the #SpeakOut Movement into their chance to “speak their mind” (Again, I’m not talking about the accusers but the fans who have taken it upon themselves to think this is somehow about them).

Don’t turn things into a witch hunt

Let’s Not Make This a Witch Hunt: Let’s make sure the #SpeakingOut Movement doesn’t turn into a witch hunt where the accused are presumed guilty until proven innocent. As someone who spent time on both sides of the criminal justice system (as discussed in my book Laughing All the Way to the Bank (Robbery): How an Attorney Survived Prison), I know that crimes are underreported but I also know the number of wrongful convictions would astonish people. Let the accusers seek justice, show them your support if you desire, but don’t be quick to judge and don’t make this about you.

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