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I HATE TOM BRADY: Buffalo Woman’s Obituary Mentions Hatred for NFL Equivalent of Satan

A Buffalo, NY area woman has gone to eternity but not without firing off a salvo at quarterback Tom Brady in her obituary. According to the Buffalo News:

Carole Scarsella of Lackawanna passed away recently and her family wanted to make a few things clear in the death notice that appeared in Sunday’s Buffalo News.

But only one of the five things about Carole warranted capital letters. When noting her fandom of the Yankees and LeBron James, the family then included, “She HATED Tom Brady.” Which is not an unreasonable opinion for a sports fan from Western New York, after all.

Western New York is well-known for its two hapless professional sports teams that drive their loyal fans to overindulging in the region’s many varieties of beer and great food. Tom Brady is a polarizing figure in professional football, but if you’re a fan of the Buffalo Bills (God love you if you are) Tom Brady is at the top of the hate list, ranked even above Bill Parcells and Jimmy Johnson.

A message from beyond the grave

Kudos to Carol for getting in this dig at Brady and Buffalo Bills fans can only hope her ghost haunts Brady as he starts a new chapter in his life playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If Brady’s Bucs career tanks, Buffalo fans will be certain to blame it on “Carol’s Curse” and I’ll be right alongside them.

Patriot or Buccaneer, Bills fans hate Tom Brady.

And for the geographically minded readers out there, Lackawanna is a small city adjacent to Buffalo. Lackawanna once was the site for the Lackawanna Steel Company’s enormous plant (later renamed Bethlehem Steel) which unfortunately shut down in 1983. Lackawanna is actually closer to the Bills’ football stadium than the city itself.

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