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I hate Aaron Rodgers and I can’t wait for him to be out of Green Bay

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Aaron ‘Drama’ Rodgers.

Aaron ‘Crybaby’ Rodgers.

Aaron ‘I’m not going to run the ball into the end zone’ Rodgers.

Back at it again, crying. And I love it. I don’t blame him, I want to see the Green Bay Packers organization go up in flames and it seems like it’s starting too. How can they fix this relationship between the front office and Rodgers when its clear he wants out? They can’t! BURN BABY BURN! And you know that other Packer players have to be really upset if Rodgers isn’t going to be in Green Bay! Man, I love it. Oh yeah, did I mention that I’m a Lions fan? Lol. Of course I love this.

It even seems like some of the Packer fans are turning on Rodgers and like I said, I don’t blame him. I’d be very upset also if I was in his shoes. But guess what? I’m not.

Instead I’m sitting here typing this about how much I hate him. He really, really, really, really ruined many Sunday’s for me. And to be honest, he’s a great quarterback. I just don’t want to see him in Green Bay anymore. It’s time for the Packers franchise to struggle.

It’s been WAAAAAAY too long. 99% of Packer fans have only witnessed success. I don’t like Rodgers at all, but I’ll be honest, he is winning off the field as his girlfriend is stunning

! I don’t want to say ‘I hope Jordan Love sucks’ but I hope Jordan Love sucks. I have to say it. I hope he’s terrible. I hope that he will end up being known as one of the worst quarterbacks in NFL history. I really do. I want the Packers to suck. He’s making his millions either way, but I really just want them to be soooo bad that they can’t even sell out Lambeau Field.

I’ll never forget when Detroit won 31 to 0! It was soo fun sitting there in the freezing cold and hearing Packer fans boo! How often does that happen? Oh yeah. A game when Aaron Rodgers wasn’t apart of it.

Get that #12 quarterback out of Green Bay. But please.. please… Rodgers.. Don’t go to the same division as Matthew Stafford either. Let that man win in the NFC West! Without you and your creepy mustache.

He has secretly been in at least 125 pornos.

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