I enjoy Chick Fil A and I will FIGHT you about it

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So today on twitter some guy with a blue checkmark was bullied into not eating Chick Fil A by a self righteous mob of morons. Upon looking at the comments I couldn’t help but jump into the fray and voice my obnoxious opinion because that is who I am. Of course these clowns felt they could school me.

Nice try chumps, I’ve been arguing with morons on the internet since your mom was banging random dudes off the internet after she thought you went to sleep (very well could have been me).

I fucking hate these people. They will be the first to tell you about fairnesss and being respectful to others but GOD FORBID YOU TALK ABOUT THEM AND THEIR HYPOCRISY its fucking gang bang comment city all up in there, which normally I am ok with but , I digress, they are stupid

I mean these dopes grew up in the most sterile of classrooms cause somebody’s kid had to be bubble boy and allergic to everything (probably wasn’t) and having to invite the kid that called them Patty Pissypants to their birthday party because you HAD to invite the WHOLE class so now in adulthood they’re demanding we submit to their way of life to make up for their shitty childhood.

See the problem with these asshats is, they’re the same as those they rally against. OooOoO you’re wrong I’m right cause I’m smarter than you and woke. the difference between the “fight for every cause” crowd and the Qanon worshiping MAGAts and their aviators and pasty skin is like the difference between chocolate frosted and chocolate glazed donuts. see one has it on the top and the other is covered but at the end of the day its a donut and its something I can really do without.

But seriously who could not look at The Lord’s Chicken and not want to eat it, if food was sex it would be this cause I’m a slut for good tasting delicious juicy chicken sandwiches.

Look at that gorgeous beast and tell me your mouth isn’t watering looking at it. And if you say it isn’t you’re a damn liar.

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