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I Challenge @CodyWolfeMusic To A Country Music Song! Does He Accept? Here Is My Idea!

I am challenging country music artist Cody Wolfe to a Country Music Song! Easy right. He should destroy me.

Seeing I’ve been upfront in calling Cody out on being a fraud, this will prove that I, a blogger, sportscaster, can and will out perform a ‘country’ artist…

Now… I’m not saying that we bash each other in the song. I’ve never made a country music song, I’ve made two fake rap songs in the past where I bashed someone. This time.. Let’s just make a country song, maybe you having something you’ve wanted to record and put out. Now is time. Make it about whatever you want. Your new girlfriend. Your summer. Whatever you’d like!

Let’s put it to a test!

I say that we both release a song on July 17th?

We will see who gets more views and more love on the song!

Agree Cody?

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