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I Bought The Hottest Hat In The Game Today

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I was bored today, just like I’ve been the whole quarantine. So I decided to do a little online shopping, the extra cash from not driving or ordering lunch is burning a hole in my pocket. But, I wasn’t sure what I wanted until I watched a couple pizza reviews.

That’s when it struck me like a lightning bolt through my dick. I needed that sexy hat. This one to be exact…

After a quick google search for ‘Oliver Hammer Clothes Shop’. I was lucky enough to find the hats were just restocked. I didn’t even think twice, I placed the order faster than Usain Bolt in the 100. Soon enough I’ll be rocking the hat of the century this summer.

I know I’m plugging a free advertisement, but during these times, you gotta support the little shops. If you have a few minutes check out Oliver Hammer Clothes Shop. They have some sweet hats and hoodies.

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