I Am Sick Of Luke Garza

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I will admit I have been a casually college basketball fan this year because of everything with COVID and the wacky schedules and off days they are having this programs go through it is hell. But every game on ESPN seems to highlight Luke Garza and the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Let me preface this by saying I am sick of Luke Garza he may have had a good college career but he is not the next great white hope. He is slow, minimal post moves (they look advanced because he has been in college for ten years so he should dominate most 19 and 20 year olds) his jumpshot is overrated, he can’t pass, his hands are small, and there is no way his game translates to the modern NBA.

He better hope that he has a nice corporate gig when he graduates that pays near six figures or he becomes a successful entrepreneur because he will literally be wasting his time in the NBA he will be G-Leagued and nothing more bet the house on it. I am just annoyed that there are legit prospect in this upcoming draft that are not getting their recognize but the great white hope from Iowa is talked about every two seconds its an annoying bit that has lasted too long.

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