I Am Addicted To Super Bowl Prop Bets (Responsibly) & Have Never Lost. Here Are My Picks #SBLV

Hot diggity damn the big game Super Bowl (that is right, I am a fucking outlaw) is here, and the greatest national holiday in the United States is upon us. Get your wings prepped, chop up a red onion & tomato and start the mole’, because we are about to do what Americans do best and that is war monger get fat while making money!

Okay, hands up, I have some honesty that is important here, although I have never lost, I have also never played a single prop bet. However, if you understand gambling (which I certainly do fucking not) you know that beginners luck is the only sure thing. So here below, is how ole’ Tony is going to make you all a ton of money. Here are the bets I am playing today via Draft Kings Sportsbook (not a paid ad, but I do own a shit ton of shares of DKNG, so please fucking help me feed my family):

Correct Score Bets (play them all at low dollar amounts $1-$3 dollars each, huge payout)

Player Bets That Are Flyers & Small Money Laid Down (choice highlighted in bold)

Player Bets To Open Up The Purse Strings For (choice highlighted in bold)

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