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Hype Yourself Up With Daniel Jones’ Workout Tape

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I woke up this morning absolutely dreading a long week of work but when this came across my timeline, I felt like a new man. I mean come on bro. A man named Daniel Jones shouldn’t get you this hype on a Monday but here we are.

Off season reports have stated that DJ is bulking up ahead of the NFL season. This increase in strength should help the kid hold onto the ball and take bigger hits. Drafting Andrew Thomas and an incoming revamp of the offensive line should help him secure the ball this year.

The New York Giants has an extremely young group of guys that all have something to prove this year. With a decently competitive division, the Giants will look to take their seat at the table and prove they will be a force to be reckoned with.

And to whoever edited this video, this is absolutely fire. Daniel Jones has no business looking this cool.

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