How To Play Lottery Online On W88

W88 is a reputable betting online website that offers a variety of betting games such as playing online cards or football. And of course, you do not want to miss a huge opportunity to win a big amount of money in just one shot with online lottery. Therefore, the article below we will guide you how to play online lottery on our website in details.


We are running online lottery game – the result comes in 3 minute a time – play fast, win fast – Bet 2000 VND to earn up to 194,000 VND!

Besides football betting and gambling online, lottery is one of the main games we are working on and developing.

How To Play

Step 1: Log in to your account and choose “lottery”

Step 2: Choose a type of lottery that you want to play

We are currently offering 5 types for you to choose:






You can choose any of your favorite lottery forms. They all have simple rules, easy to calculate the win-lose ratio.

Step 3: Play a bet

There are the following bet types at W88:

First digit betteing

Last digit betting

First-Last digit betting.

2-lot lottery

3-lot lottery

4-lot lottery

To place a bet, please follow the 4-step order as shown below:

Select the channel to bet, such as Tien Giang, Can Tho, Dong Nai, Binh Duong,etc. Then choose the bet type, the number you want to bet, how much is your bet.

Choose bet types: Can choose first digit, last digit, etc.

Enter the number to bet and the amount of bet.


* First Bet: number 91

* Bet: 10 (10,000vnd)

* The payout ratio is 1 to 75. Should win, the maximum payout: 750 (750,000 VND)

After clicking to place a bet, there will be a notice confirming the information and bet number. If yes, select “CONFIRM”.

So you have completed the steps to play the lottery online on W88.

If the lottery you choose is the correct number you bet, you win; then the dealer will automatically calculate the win rate and winnings into your account.

Basic rules

Like many other websites on the market, we provide general rules for lottery games.

Online lottery results will be based on the results of the lottery stations in Vietnam. Time frame from 0 am to 4 pm. Players are not allowed to bet outside this time frame.

We are setting of such a time frame is to ensure that all players have a decision to bet before the time of drawing results. And the house also needs time to synthesize and process the data that players play.

Advantages of playing lottery on W88

Support to deposit / withdraw money quickly, simply 24/7 (including holidays, holidays, New Year); Many domestic banks can use. 3 minutes a time, no waiting.The website’s display is easy to understand, easy to use.The win rate is very high.The lowest stake is 2000 dong, everyone can join freely. Enthusiastic customer service, dedicated.

Disadvantages of playing lottery on W88

One customer can only receive one reward point in any promotion. Scores are updated from 24 – 48 hours.


Playing online lottery on our website is extremely simple and completely fair. Currently, only W88 is the international house operating in Vietnam with Online Lottery products. The other small websites are mostly Vietnamese companies that operate without a license and the player will be at risk.

W88 has been legally licensed by First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation (CEZA), and also offers many other attractive services such as Online Casino, Sports, Keno, etc. You will get yourself plenty of entertainment moments with the best quality and also have the opportunity to win many extremely attractive prizes. I wish all of you the success of playing lottery deals with us.

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