How To Fix The USMNT

Alright guys, we’ve heard the complaints. The USMNT is an embarrassment, they are garbage, they disgraced this country, and a few more profane things I’ll keep from mentioning here, but now it’s time for the real question: How do we fix this? First, let’s hear from Alexi Lalas, who was a strong defender for the USMNT in the 90’s, and is now a key analyst of the team for Fox Soccer:

To me, I have to agree with a lot of Alexi says. It’s going to take a lot of work, but it can be done. The first thing that the US program needs to do is invest in the youth, and I agree with Alexi that each MLS squad should have a free academy, as we are essentially the only country that has an expensive pay-to-play system, leaving a lot of talented kids who don’t have the money for soccer to remain unseen by talented coaches who can build these kids into the stars that they should be.

I also agree with star midfielder Jermaine Jones, who continues to push for young players to go overseas, where the system for them to grow is already in place, and you can see the results with players like Christian Pulisic, Geoff Cameron, and Gedion Zelalem. The team will improve with players in these other leagues. The youth have done this, and will continue to improve and soon replace the aging stars of Dempsey, Bradley, and others who just don’t have it anymore.

The last time we may see aging players play for the USMNT like Dempsey, Howard, and many others PC:

No matter how you slice it, the USMNT have a lot of work to do, and with the young stars coming up, it is possible to rebuild, but it will be a long journey, and we as fans need to continue to support this team, through good times and bad. Let’s hope we take advantage of the talent that is coming, and continue to create a system where we can build it for years to come.


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