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How Julia’s Boobs Broke Pro Sports Extra

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It has been a very quiet 24 hours here at Pro Sports Extra. You may have had issues connecting to our site. You can thank Julia & Lauren for that:

Face it, folks. America loves exposure. When Nate posted a blog that featured Julia Rose & Lauren Summer lifting their shirts to flash Houston Astros starting pitcher Gerrit Cole during Game 5 of the World Series, we had no idea how much attention it would’ve brought to our site and to our viewers delight.

Apparently, the stunt was planned by Julia Rose for an entire year, where Rose, the founder of Shagmag, dropped about $80,000 between tickets and travel to the game:

Her story via Complex: 

“Yeah, so we had it planned almost a year ago. I knew I wanted to do something at the World Series. But we just didn’t know, obviously, who was playing, what game, where it would be, the location or anything. Once we found out who the teams were, we then bought the tickets, I believe, not even a week ago. We had to get tickets for game five. And game five was a gamble, obviously, because if it’s a sweep or something, then we wouldn’t even make it to game five. So we crossed our fingers, and bought tickets last minute.
We were just going to play on one of the girls who ran down with us and do it where our seats were. But when we showed up to the stadium yesterday, one of the GMs at the stadium knew who we were and pulled us aside and basically told us that you have to zip our jackets up because our shirts said SHAGMAG, so they said they didn’t want SHAGMAG on TV, that we couldn’t promote for it, and they had no idea of what we had planned.”

Her brilliant stunt has brought upon an indefinite ban from any MLB facilities, games, or events for her and Summer. Which brings back to question, why the Eagles fan who was shirtless with an Eagles & Phillie Phanatic at Lambeau Field against the Packers back in late September can continue to keep his shirt off.

Or the Peter Griffin Side Boob Hour:

Anyhow, the high volume amount of traffic that came to be from the event caused over 143K views alone over the last few days – one of the most popular blogs to ever come out of Pro Sports Extra. Couple this with the fact that our tech guy found a lot of updates that were needed on the backend of the site – caused the site to go down. So, from all of us at PSE: We’re sorry. 

Either way, all of us at PSE thank you for the support! And we have Julia & Lauren to thank for showing the world what they really wanted to see.


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