How Good Would LeBron Have Been In The NFL?

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The age old question; would LeBron have been good in the NFL? We all know the story in the 2011 NBA lockdown the legend goes that LeBron was offered an NFL contract from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (he has the contract framed) and apparently Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll.

It is crazy to think but LeBron probably could have dominated in the NFL if he chose to go that route. He is such a freak of an athlete that if the NBA and the Player Association did not come to agreement for a year LeBron could have been a dominate force for one season in the NFL.

LeBron’s stats in the two seasons that he played high school football are literally something you see out of Madden, I couldn’t imagine having to lineup against LeBron after a tough day of algebra two. Nightmares.

To be perfectly honest I think he has been a grown man since like he was fifteen years old. An absolute freak of an athlete. So again it begs the question, how good could LeBron have been in the NFL? I would say pretty good.

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