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How Did The Heat Become The Surprise Team

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The Miami Heat are one of the biggest surprise teams in the NBA playoffs this year. Now, a key question is how did the Miami Heat end up as one of the surprise teams in the NBA playoffs and how can they continue to build off of this success in the years going forward. With those factors coming into play it will also impact the NBA predictions and how accurate the NBA picks are for the future.

Team Continuity

With a lot of teams when they start to get into the playoffs they tend to turn to a single player or a couple of players to lead the team. With the Miami Heat they do have some star players who have stepped up to help the team, but they are not controlling the team and wanting to become a ball hawk. Instead, the leaders for the Heat have worked hard at getting the team to work together and build up their game play as a team. Now, the leaders do step up when they need to, but the overall leadership is heading more towards bringing the team together as a team and not as a player demanding to be the team.

Ball Control Has Improved Greatly

When the season first kicked off the Heat were a team that struggled to keep the ball. That definitely led to the Heat getting quite a few losses piled up on them early on. Now, the Heat are coming to the game here with a good record, but also a lot of wins that have come from how they handle the ball. The last game for the Heat in the NBA finals was against the Lakers on 10/4/20 and the Heat barely turned the ball over. At the same time, the ball control for the Heat when playing on the defensive side of the ball has led to forcing a lot of mistakes by their opponent.

Jimmy Howard Stepped Up For Leadership

As mentioned the Heat have a leader on the team who has started to step up in the games. The leader is Jimmy Howard and he is not the player that is coming to the game demanding the ball. Instead, Howard is able to score when he needs to, but at the same time he is able to come to the games and help build up his teammates. This makes it easier for everyone to grow as a team and that helps the Heat continue to improve on the year compared to how they started off as. Not to mention the way that Howard is playing is grooming the future leaders of the Heat as well to avoid some of the ego type of clashes.

The NBA playoffs definitely have shown a lot of surprises on the year. However, one thing that has come to view is some of the teams have started to figure out how to play without a major superstar on the roster or a combination of superstars. One of those teams is the Miami Heat. The Heat have made tremendous strides this year in how they are playing, but also with the way the team has come together which will make it a challenge to keep the NBA picks going as many teams will follow the plan put in place by the Heat.

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