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Houston Texans Sign New Quarterback; Jets To Sign New QB To Roster?

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The Deshaun Watson drama in Houston has yet to die down, and the Texans starting quarterback has made it clear that he would like to be traded. Despite Watson’s recent legal troubles, there are still many suitors out there hoping to land him prior to the start of the 2021 season. With that said, the Texans needed to add depth to the QB position and they did so by signing Ryan Finley, who most recently played for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Just mere days before that, the Texans also signed veteran quarterback Tyrod Taylor to the roster.

The question is, if Watson is traded before the 2021 season, who will be the starting quarterback for the Texans? I can only imagine that the veteran Taylor would get the nod, but odds are there will be competition during training camp and preseason to determine to who will be taking the helm.

In other quarterback news in the NFL, the New York Jets are in a position whereby they need to sign a solid backup QB. Odds are the with the 2nd pick in the draft, the Jets are going to draft a young quarterback with the hopes of them being the face of the franchise. Every young QB needs a mentor, so who is available that the Jets could pick up?

Jets General Manager Joe Douglas indicated that the Jets could likely sign a veteran QB prior to the start of the season. Shortly thereafter, Douglas met with veteran QB Brian Hoyer. Aside from Hoyer, other available options are Blaine Gabbert, Robert Griffin III and A.J. McCarron. While none of those names would likely be starters for any NFL team in 2021, each of them could provide guidance and be a mentor for an up and coming rookie quarterback.

Check out the video below to determine what GM Joe Douglas is looking for in a quarterback.

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