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Hot Videos of Lyna Perez Inside; How Is She Not Dating A Pro Athlete; Dallas Cowboys To Release Veteran Players?

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I am going to guess that most of you are not familiar with Lyna Perez, and that’s ok. Lyna does not have a ton of followers on her Instagram account just yet, but she will in due time. Besides, after you read this article I can guarantee you will either end up following her on Instagram or Twitter accounts, if not both.

Lyna is essentially an Instagram model that is not afraid to show off her body. Is anyone here going to complain about that? I know I sure won’t. If you have never seen Lyna before, I highly suggest that you scroll down and take a look at some of her pictures.

Apparently Lyna is single right now. I am surprised that no star athletes have reached out and try to lock her down. Again, scroll down and you will see why I say that.

In some NFL news, are the Dallas Cowboys about to release some veteran players? Rumors are swirling around the NFL that Anthony Brown and Maurice Canady have a very good chance of being released by the Cowboys. With Trevon Diggs, Kelvin Joseph, and Jourdan Lewis likely being the starters for the Cowboys defense, that does not leave a whole lot of room for Brown and Canady. The Cowboys are in need of additional roster spots and by releasing either Brown or Canady, if not both, will free up some cap room for Dallas. While it would not be a considerable amount of cap space, every little bit goes a long way in the NFL.

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