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In the last few weeks at Barstool behind the scenes man Steven Cheah has been making a big push towards becoming more of a content creator. No issue right? Dave Portnoy has done this on several occasions with Barstool personalities such as, Dana Scumbag Beers, and Frankie Borrelli to name a few. So why is Steven Cheah having to deal with so many obstacles to get into content?

For instance today, he’s been the most consumable content at Barstool. His beef with Gaz right now is top tier from such a mellow mannered person. He brings a lot to the table, while his personality isn’t something you normally want for content he isn’t afraid to stick himself into uncomfortable situations and make the best of them. He does a fantasy football show, and does quite a bit with other shows he works with. Cheah obviously wants this really bad as he’s even gone as far to tell Portnoy that his asking price is about to go way up once his “Secret Project” is finished.

What is Steven Cheah planning? We will never really know, but this man has some strong will and determination coming out of him right now. The man is sticking his neck out and has even created slideshow presentations on why he deserves this job.

As far as his beef with Gaz goes, I can’t stop laughing.

Paul is a guy who’s been with the company from jump street and has taken more of a backseat with things since the company went public with Penn Gaming. However, don’t fucking count out Steven Cheah to drop in from the top rope and rip Gaz from LIMB TO LIMB.

Hire Steven Cheah for fulltime content and I’ll only eat One Bite Pizzas for the next 3 months of my life. #Advised

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