Hey Brian Cashman Unload The Farm System And Lets Win Now Huh?

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In a shocking move the Padres acquire former CY Winner and ace Blake Snell. The Yankees have to be excited that the Rays starting rotation is getting weaker, Charlie Morton signed with the Braves earlier this offseason and now with Snells departure you have to wonder what do they have left? If I am Brian Cashman the time is now to pounce first resign DJ LeMathieu you schmuck, sign Trevor Bauer, and go trade for another starting pitcher and unload some of the young kids in the farm system. The time to win is now and the American League East is the Yankees.

Blake Snell realizing he’s now allowed to pitch past the 5th inning

— Gabe (@TanakaComeback) December 28, 2020

It really is that easy to do Cashman should smell blood in the water and start strengthening the Death Star and go get some talent. This team is only a few pieces away from winning it all right now, Cashman just needs to do his job. The unfortunate part is that this offseason has been really slow because apparently teams have no money to spend. Here is a little story for you the Yankees are worth BILLIONS I don’t want to hear a year of COVID has taken all of their money away. They aren’t a poverty franchise look a the Royals they have spent a lot of money this offseason. Hopefully Cashman gets a clue and realizes this is a great opportunity and starts actually making some moves. In the mean time Yankee fans should feel good because I think Cashman is going to be going to work very soon. We can only hope.

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