‘HES DEAD’ Prince Phillip Isn’t Even Cold Yet and Twitter Has No Chill

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I love Twitter, it really is the best social media platform out there and it is not even close. If you haven’t heard already or haven’t logged on to twitter yet just type in ‘HES Dead’ and you’ll be caught up Prince Phillip died he was 99. This was my immediate reaction:

I have no clue why McDonalds Sprite is trending alongside Prince Phillip being dead, maybe it is because the sprite could bring him back from the dead I am assuming. But literally who cares, they were fake prince princess, kings, and queens who contribute literally nothing to their society and those morons across the pond in the U.K are obsessed with living in an archaic world. I will never fully understand why these people care so much.

The people of Britain or whoever acknowledges the kingship or queenship should be excited because now they are one step closer to the end of the monarch hopefully? It is a stupid why of living in my opinion, but what do I know. Twitter is literally clowning this man to death and his body isn’t even cold yet.

The best thing about him being dead is I think that weird society and country of Britain shuts down for the week. Meaning like no school, stores are closed and everyone just mourns his death which is totally bizarre too me. Anyways this serves as a reminder that Twitter is the best social media platform on the planet earth and it is not even close.

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