Here Is Your Reminder That Eric Ebron Said He Was Going To Break Gronks Touchdown Record This Season But Has More Drops Than Touchdowns | More Than Likely Because He Stopped Eating Honey Buns

The Indianapolis Colts are off to a shocklingly hot start (5-2) but tight end Eric Ebron on the other hand, not so much.

Before the season Eric Ebron claimed that he was going to break the touchdown record for a tight end that was set by Rob Gronkowski

Right now… Ebron is getting Colts fans pissed off by his performance…. or lack there of:

Eric Ebron currently has four drops on the season and three touchdowns. Seven games into the season with nine games left…. Just not the greatest look for the non-honey bun eater. #HandsLikeFeet


Ebron would need about 1.5 touchdowns a game to finish the season and… that just doesn’t seem realistic… especially when you currently have four drops on the season and three touchdowns. Ouch.. Maybe get back to eating honey buns.

Never forget Ebron… I dropped more catches for you:

According to sources he could be traded before the deadline on Tuesday. 


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