Princess Helayla (Helayla Marie)

Helayna Marie (@PrincessHelayna) Hits 200K Followers On Instagram!

Helayna Marie who goes by Princess Layna/Helayna on social media is continuing to gain followers like crazy on Instagram and Twitter. She’s by far more popular on Twitter with 630,000 followers, but she just recently hit 200,000 followers on Instagram!

Which makes complete sense that she has over 800,000 followers, she’s an absolute dime and her engagement on her Instagram proves that she continues to be one of the most talked about creators on OnlyFans!

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Wow! No wonder she continues to grow very quickly on social media. It wouldn’t shock me if she doubles her numbers on Instagram over the next couple of months.

Her website is amazing and I truly recommend that you click here and check it out!

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