Has WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio’s Ex-Girlfriend Retracted Her Accusations?

A potentially huge development in the criminal case against former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio was arrested last May when his ex-girlfriend accused him of beating her and sexually assaulting her.

Now, reports are coming in that Del Rio’s accuser has posted an apology to Del Rio’s family on her Instagram account (translation follows):

According to Ringside News, the message translates as “An apology to the Rodriguez del Rio family for the damages caused by my mistakes.”

According to the website, Super Luchas

, Del Rio’s brother Hijo de Dos Caras posted the following message on Facebook:

«Well, band, as everyone knows, the truth always falls under its own weight. After so many months, finally the garbage person who accused my brother of something totally false, spoke with the truth admitting his lie, and although he apologized in such a mean way , after everything he caused to me brother and my family, both personally and professionally.

“Hopefully it will serve for those people who destroyed my carnal to open their eyes and for those people who supported him and did not turn their backs on him, do justice because in the end he, like many other celebrities, was the victim of an advantageous and greedy person , like so many who abuse the spotlight and try to profit at whatever cost… The truth will set you free «.

With Alberto facing charges of second degree sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping, he could receive a lifetime to Con College. As I discussed in my prison memoir, Laughing All the Way to the Bank (Robbery): How an Attorney Survived Prison

, rapists are not treated well in prison with cons typically treating them as one step above child molesters. If convicted and sentenced to prison, Del Rio could be in for a hellacious experience.

At the same time, does this apology mean the ex-girlfriend is changing her story and willing to retract her accusations? This could change everything and lead to the charges either being reduced or dismissed (depending on whether the prosecutor believes the accuser is sincere about retracting her claim).

Del Rio is scheduled to appear in court next in January 2021.

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