Has Mac Jones Ever Seen Snow?

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Uh oh. Big time weather game tonight in Buffalo, and there are rising concerns as to whether or not Mac Jones has ever seen snow in his life. There are tweets going back to 2015 where Mac admitted to never seeing it before, and it’s pretty believable considering he grew up in Florida and went to school in Alabama.

If you’re a Pats fan, this can’t be what you wanna hear, right? Sure, you could call it ‘Patriot weather,’ but Mac’s never experienced that either, so it’s really not working to your advantage. Plus, the savages of Buffalo are gonna get so freaking intoxicated before the game that they don’t even feel the cold, and are gonna be screaming at the top of their lungs for the entire game.

The good news for the Pats, as always, is they’ve got an evil genius on their side. I’m pretty sure Billy B’s accounted for the fact that at some point during Mac’s career there may be snow, and he’s gonna have to prepare for that. Would anyone be surprised if he exiled Mac to Antarctica for a couple of days just to get him ready? Bill’s probably pelting him with snowballs in his sleep.

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