Calling Out Racism

Hardworking Crew That Was Approached By Racist Now Has A GoFundMe For A Day Off

Yesterday I blogged about a racist woman coming after a group of a hardworking landscaping crew. The lady ended up being arrested afterwards, click here to see that.

I’ve just learned that the crew has a GoFundMe set up! – Click here to donate!

“Hi! Lots of people have been seeing this video and asking how they could help us out and honestly just reading the comments of support and love have been so rewarding in and of its self we never expected it too blow up like this but since so many of you guys are asking how you could help us out, we figured the best thing we could use is a day off of work so if we can raise  $400.00 that would be enough for my crew to take one day off to spend with our families! Anything helps! Thank you and have a blessed day!”

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