Happy Birthday To The Greatest Player In Miami Dolphins History; Dan Marino #FinsUp

Today Miami Dolphins Legend, Dan Marino turns 60 today. For this blog I would like to highlight some of the amazing moments from Marino’s career and maybe even show just how great he really was.

The 1994 Week 1 Shootout.

Marino had missed a big bulk of the 1993 season due to an Achilles injury. That didn’t slow him down though, as the seasoned vet went out and battled against Drew Bledsoe and the Patriots. By Games end the combo of QB’s totaled for 894 passing yards and 9 touchdowns. At the end however, Marino came out on top and the dolphins won the game.

The 1984 AFC Championship Game

Marino and the Dolphins reached their only Super Bowl this season but sadly it was just the Conference Title Game that was a highlight for Marino. Marino threw for 450 yards and essentially ended the Steelers Dynasty, and gave the middle finger to the team that passed on him in the draft just a year earlier.

1994, The Fake Spike

Before this game nobody ever had even thought about faking a spike. Many teams thought why would that even be an option. You are in a hurry up situation and spiking the ball helps stop the clock and allows you not spend a timeout. Dan Marino doesn’t give a shit about logic or Football Norms. Marino noticed the Jet’s corner sag off and get lazy when he signaled for the spike so he took advantage of the situation and sparked a 17 point turnaround.

1994, Ace Ventura

In 1994 the star Qb took to the big screens and help a pivotal role in the film and allowed Jim Carrey to direct him in whichever way he seemed fit. Also, lets not forget he was actually a good actor. Many athletes try this and always end up being awful, so seeing Marino crush is quite refreshing.

MArino is one of the greatest talents of all time and from the staff here at PSE we all wish him a Happy 60th Birthday.

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