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Hannah Jeter Is The Hottest WAG of Major League Baseball; Red Sox And Yankees Brawl Ensues!

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Derek Jeter has lived quite the life. The man had a hall of fame baseball career and did it while playing for the most illustrious team in MLB history, the New York Yankees. So it would only make sense that as his career was winding down that he would find one of the hottest women on earth to settle down with and eventually marry.

Simply put, Derek Jeter is very lucky to be married to his now wife Hannah.

In fact, after looking at all of the WAGS of MLB, I think there is a very plausible case to be made that Hannah Jeter is the hottest WAG of all time in MLB history. Certainly that is arguable, but convince me otherwise. Before you convince me, be sure to take a look at the pictures of her below.

I assure you that you won’t regret it. And if you say that Giselle is hotter, you’re just horribly wrong.

In other New York Yankees news, a brawl ensued at Yankee Stadium earlier this week on July 17th between Red Sox and Yankees fans. Check out the video below to see the thi grou pof degenerates beat on each other, further proving that both fanbases are full of morons.

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