Hallelujah! The Jets Are Firing Adam Gase, According To Radio King @craigcartonlive

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Craigy! My man, pots and pans. The King of New York sport’s radio is back in full swing, and the self proclaimed loud mouth is smashing news on this Tuesday afternoon.

As Jets fans we have had to watch that bulgy eyed smelling salt sniffing disaster set our franchise back for two years (and probably countless years to come). It turns out that the only thing bigger than Peyton Manning’s forehead, is his mouth, and because of that we have had to have Adam Gase at the helm for two years now.

I could wax poetically for hours about how I no longer have to watch another pass to the flat, or screen pass go for 3 yards. So long are the days of a QB going 21 of 31 for 160 yards for 1 TD and 1 INT. Speaking on behalf of Jets fans, we all know that Sam Darnold certainly might not be the answer, but he was not the problem, and he caught a raw deal for years now. Sammy Sweetheart might follow his head coach out the door, but the feelings from the fan base will be far different in comparison. However, for now, let us just take a moment and rejoice that the moment is finally here and we no longer have to deal with Adam Gase as our head coach.

We were all getting a little antsy with the season ending on Sunday, and knowing the Jets, anything can still happen, but I am going to sit here and act like he is already gone. I won’t have to take my daily dose of antidepressants, which means I can drink to numb the pain tonight! No better man to break the news than Craig, the pulse of the people. Welcome back Craig, and see you later Adam.

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