Gymnastics Leotards Brands Reviews

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A significant component of any gymnast’s wardrobe is their gymnastics jerseys. Shopping for gymnastics equipment and sportswear can be daunting for any sportsman, especially when you are looking for leotards and jerseys since you can get carried away with a variety of styles, fabrics and colors. However, it is important to consider all the factors when selecting gymnastics leotards to get the one that you will wear. Whether it is choosing a competition or training suit, make will feel and look good in the leotard. This leotard buying guide will help you to purchase the right leotard for gymnastics.

How to choose leotards for gymnastics?

Below are factors and some facts about leotards styles and fabric types to keep in mind to consider when choosing gymnastics leotards.

    • It has to be comfortable.

The performance of any gymnast is greatly determined by the leotards they choose. Thus it is important to get a comfortable fitting, however, selecting a comfortable-fitting jersey or leo depends on your personal preference. A comfortable leotard helps the gymnast with balancing which is crucial in this sport, therefore having a close-fitting leotard is not right. While doing gymnastics it is key to feel comfortable with your movements and a comfortable-fitting leo will help you with that improving your confidence. When choosing your girl’s leotard ensure that they can stretch and make movements with them being comfortable.

    • Consider the right fabric.

It is important to consider the fabric since they are of different types and gymnasts contort their bodies into various shapes thus you want a flexible leotard. Gymnastics involves practicing for many hours and therefore you should consider a durable fabric, which can be washed, easy to wear and won’t split. Metallic fabrics have a lesser stretch and will give you a tighter feel, when shopping for leotards for gymnastics you should try with different material options so that you can choose the best material choice. Other fabrics you can choose from are nylon, velvet and lycra, they each have their pros and cons but it all boils down to personal preference.

    • Choose the right style.

Leotards come in various styles such as style backs, sleeve types and colors. Back designs include keyhole, camel strap, close back, sport racer, wide open and tank, all of these back types have their benefits and cons. Sleeve types include sleeveless, three-quarter length sleeves and long sleeves. When it comes to colors there are a handful of choices and it is up to the gymnast to choose a leotard style that will not only make them look good but feel good too.

    • Select the right size.

When selecting any type of garment size is a key factor. Before purchasing the leotards you need to know the size of your waist, hip, chest, girth and inseam. Girth size is the most important measurement to consider when selecting the right suit. It is essential to check out the measurements of the garment and this will ensure you pick the right size. Most often gymnasts prefer leotards of the same size as their other garments.

  • Listen to your coach’s advice.

To select the right gymnastics leotards it is essential to put into account the coach’s advice. The coach has a wealth of experience and they will advise you what is best for you. The coach can guide you in choosing the right fabric, size, pattern and shape of the garment. Also, your coach can guide you on choosing the right brand for buying your garment and this comes in handy in ensuring you buy the best leotards.

The difference between training and competition leotards styles

Training and competition leotards differ in some ways including styles and fit. Training leos are more relaxed in that they can have any pattern or color. Not only can they be of different sleeve types but they can even be a bit bigger since they are primarily used for training. On the other hand competition, leos are different, they need to be extremely glitzy and consist of solid colors. Competition leotards need to be uniform for the whole team and for some coaches or gyms they prefer the more embellished and jazzier leotards. Training leotards can have a little bit of growing room whereas competition leotards need to fit like a second skin.

Best Gymnastics Brands

Below are some of the best gymnastics leotards brands on the market today.


This is the most popular brand of leotards and they are the exclusive brand for USA gymnastics. GK manufactures different leo designs and materials which makes them appeal to a huge market. This brand boasts of a consignment program for shop owners and this explains why GK leos are in every team shops.

Alpha Factor

Leos from Alpha Factor are popular, they are well made and this explains why almost every gymnast owns a pair of their leos. These leotards come in different designs, colors and sizes, thus there are a handful of choices to choose from.

SnowFlake Designs

This company offers leotards at affordable prices and this has led SnowFlake Designs to increasingly become popular. The company usually has amazing clearance sales and it offers grab bags, to get their leotards you can order online from their site or Amazon. They usually offer great deals and this explains why many girls are obsessed with their leos.

TumbleWear Leos

TumbleWear Leos is a popular and small leotard company, it offers both long and short leotards in several styles, colors and lots of sizes. This company customizes leotards for gymnasts and you can purchase their products on sportwear stores, online through their site or Amazon.

Final tips

The above tips will help to choose the best leotards and jerseys for gymnastics. Before buying anything it is important to do your little research and when it comes to gymnastics leotards they are no exception. If you are buying your leotards online ensure they are from a trusted brand such as the gymnastics leotards brands listed in this buyer’s guide. For every gymnast, leotards are a must, thus choose from the best gymnastics leotards brands, do not compromise on your choices and ask for recommendations.

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