Griffin Johnson Seems To Be Upset That Bryce Hall Spends All of His Time With Addison Rae – Griffin Wants To Continue The Bromance | @lmgriffjohnson @BryceHall @whoisaddison

Griffin Johnson and Bryce Hall are two of the most popular social media stars heading into 2021 and it seems like Griffin is starting to get jealous of how much time Bryce spends with his girlfriend.

I mean.. Not only “his girlfriend” it’s also… Addison Rae!

Everyone knows Addison Rae. She’s a smokeshow, superstar! I don’t blame Bryce for spending his time with her.

But that isn’t stopping Griffin from still trying to continue his bromance.

How cute!

Bryce tweeted out: u make me wanna be a better man… And Griffin had responded:

Awee! Griffin sure loves his Bryce!

He also quote-tweeted it:

But that’s not all Griffin decided to edit his face onto Addison Rae. Hahah!

Maybe Bryce needs to be spending more time with the boys! Although.. Like I said before, I don’t blame him.

But Griffin probably misses spending time with his buddy.

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