Griffin Johnson Joins Fan Controlled Football As Co-Creative Director With Josh Richards

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Whenever I’m watching football games on TV – I always wish that I had a way to actually impact the game. Well now that’s possible with the new league, Fan Controlled Football.

FCF is a league that isn’t anything like the leagues we see now. The league is indoor and features 7-on-7 teams on a 50-yard field. It’s different and will have more action.

The league is getting interest from tons of athletes and Johnny Manziel even signed for The Zappers.

Most recently we learned that Fan Controlled Football is bringing in influencers Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson as Co-Creative Director. It’s getting hard to call Richards and Johnson influencers. Everyday they’re adding businesses to their portfolio, they are businessmen.

A huge move on both ends.

If Fan Controlled Football wants to stick around they’ll need a strong team off the field and adding in Johnson and Richards is a smart move.

It’ll help FCF throughout the season with their ideas and promotion. The league is shaping up and adding in Johnson and Richards really just tops if all off.

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