Greg Popovich = Overrated

I know this is not a popular opinion none the less it is mine and I will stand behind it.  I thought it would be a long time and hard to ever be more overrated than Phil Jackson in the coaching realm.

We now have a new leader in the clubhouse, POP rode the coat tales of one of the best if not the best PF ever and now that he has retired all we get from pop is SJW talking points and an arrogant asshole.

Since Tim Duncan has retired and maybe even before POP has been a dick to sideline reporters going into the half like he is somehow better than anyone in that arena still, for some reason, the media loves this man and praises him as the greatest coach ever.

He is finally really showing his true colors with the way he is trying to bully Kawhi Leonard into coming back this season, which I think he is just trying to make headlines so people don’t notice he could possibly miss the playoffs this year.  Kawhi has been criticized by teammates about the seriousness of his injury and for him going outside of the organization to get a second opinion on what he should do about his quad injury.

POP always goes in the media when he wants and tries to make some profound statement to make all the media fall in love with him as a person and his views on life.  It’s all B.S. he has mastered the way to manipulate the media by saying things that will be popular over social media.

Since Duncan has left the Spurs they have not sniffed the championship and this year might not even get into the playoffs.  The NBA takes 16 teams people if you cant make the playoffs in the NBA there are some serious issues that need to be brought to light and I think POP is one of them.

I think things are finally unraveling in the Spurs organization, but POP will always get a pass and with the run, he had with Duncan I get some of it.  I think its time for people to realize it wasn’t POP it was Duncan that made the Spurs to what they were.  He took pay cuts he checked his ego at all times and made sure he brought a winning culture to the Spurs.  You can try and say that POP helped mold him into that man, except if you saw him at Wake Forest you would know he was the same then.

Let’s see how many more years or more bad news have to come out of the organization before maybe some of you will jump on board.  I am dont care its not a popular opinion and I am glad I am out in front on this topic.

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