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Greg Cain Goes Viral Years Later For Dressing Up As Colin Kaepernick and Holding Sign “Unemployed Need Job! Good on my knees!”

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I’m back with another segment of Callin’ Out Racism / Callin’ Out Racists! If you enjoy this blog be sure to follow our Calling Out Racists page by clicking here!

During the last blog post of Callin’ Out Racists, I blogged about Karlie/Hallie Haymore and Keely Huffman going viral for racist comments they made to black students. You can click here to read that!

Today is a little different. An image from 2017 came across my feed of Greg Cain dressing up as Colin Kaepernick and holding up a sign acting as if he was a homeless man.

“Unemployed! Need job! Good on my knees!”

The original post can be found below:

Hahaja Matthew Manning

Posted by Greg Cain on Tuesday, October 31, 2017

What a shame! The image has been shared hundreds of times today, years after the image was taken! If he was posting this in 2017, imagine his racist thoughts now?

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