Green Bay Packers Clinch NFC North, Titletown Is Back!

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Titletown is one step closer to returning to Green Bay, Wisconsin.

With their win over the lowly Detroit Lions on Sunday, the Packers have once again clinched the NFC North division title. Moving to an impressive 10-3 record, they have also taken the top spot in the entire NFC. Sure, they may be tied with the New Orleans Saints, but if you remember, the Packers defeated the Saints earlier in the season to break that tie. Thus, Aaron Rodgers is leading not only his team but the whole conference as we enter Week 15.

Speaking of, Week 15 will see the Packers host the Carolina Panthers this Saturday evening on December 19th. I had originally planned on going to that game but whatever. Such is life. Either way, attendance or no attendance, that’s a way for the Packers. Let’s mark it up to 11-3 at that point. Then is another home game against the Tennessee Titans in Week 16. Tough battle for sure but let’s be nice and say another victory. Boom, 12-3 record.

Then we close it out with the annual stomping of the Chicago Bears’ playoff hopes and dreams. Ending the season at 13-3, I would assume that would be good enough to win the entire NFC and earn that bye week for the post-season. The New Orleans Saints play the Kansas City Chiefs next, then the Minnesota Vikings on short rest and finish the season on the road against the Panthers. I think one loss in there is being unbiased, right?

Packers enter the NFL post season on top, and the rest of the field is wide open.

Personally, I had the Seattle Seahawks as my Super Bowl prediction from Week One, but that isn’t exactly looking so hot right now. It all comes down to how you end the seasons, not how you start it. What say you football fans? Are the Packers on a roll at just the right time or will their weaknesses eventually show facing tougher competition in the playoffs? Only time will tell. Until then, Go Pack Go!

By Justin Watry (Twitter: @JustinWatry)

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