Grading “The 10 Worst NBA Shoes Worn This Year”

The NBA cut back on its team color restrictions heavy this past offseason. Because of this, we’ve seen some of the more unique shoes the league has ever seen.

The Chicago Tribune wrote an article on “The Top 10 worst NBA shoes worn this year,” and they got a few things wrong so I’m going to grade each shoe on their list.

10. Nike “Kyrie 5 Multicolor”

Putting these on a list of worst shoes pretty much discredits itself almost immediately. These shoes are great, straight up, no questions about it.

Grade: A

9. Nike “HFR x LeBron 16”

Now, these absolutely belong on this list. Every element of these shoes suck. Let’s start with the outrageous belt buckle looking thing that looks like it would be flopping around like a ten pound dumbell attached to your leg when playing. Then the fact that the bottoms look like Nike was trying to replicate the most recent Yeezys. And finally, the fact that there is a cover on the laces is so horrid looking I’m unable to comprehend how anyone who wasn’t a LeBron “Yes Man” approved for this design to be made.

Grade: F

8. NIKEiD PG2 “Coloring Book”

Jason Tatum wore these on Opening Night this past season and they got mixed reviews. They are a little flamboyant but the name does fit. The worst part about the shoe is how it looks on Tatum in a Celtics uniform. If they were on a Knick or a Hornet they would look significantly better. Overall, they are an ehhhh.

Grade: C+

7. Puma “Clyde Court Disrupt”

Puma has gotten into the shoe game by chucking bags of money at young guys like Marvin Bagley and DeAndre Ayton, trying to make a big splash. They turned back the years to Puma’s first signature shoe for Walt “Clyde” Frazier with these, and welllllllll, they missed the mark for sure. These look like they belong on the racquetball court more than the basketball court.

Grade: D+

6. Nike Kyrie 5 “Ikhet”

Kyrie’s second inclusion on this list and this time it makes a little more sense. They aren’t awful they just don’t really do much for me. The Egypt theme they have on the back is an interesting choice that really doesn’t hit. The color combo of Red, Purple and Yeezy Butters surprisingly looks pretty nice but they are still pretty bland.

Grade: C

5. KITH x Nike LeBron 15 Lifestyle “King’s Cloak”

Now LeBron’s second inclusion on the list and to be honest I don’t know what to make of them. The design is great and the stitched look is always a hit. They just look odd as a basketball shoe but sneakerheads seem to love them (resale prices are through the roof) so maybe they will find their place on the shelf instead of on the court.

Grade: B

4. Under Armour “Curry 6”

Under Armour shoes always suck. Sorry Steph

Grade: F

3. Adidas Marquee “Boost Low Brandon Ingram”

I’ve never been a fan of low top basketball shoes for a number of reasons and these are no exception. They look like Air Maxes you would find on the discount rack at Payless.

Grade: D+

2. Nike PG 2 “The Bait II”

These are another pair that shouldn’t be anywhere near this list. The design didn’t try to do too much and kept it clean and simple. These look great on and off the court.

Grade: B+

1. Big Baller Brand “ZO2.19 Madagascar”

Everyone loves to rag on the Big Baller Brand shoes and there is nothing different here. It looks like they let a toddler design them. Just hope they at least send people the right sizes this time.

Grade: D-


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