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GoPro Found At Bottom Of Punta Cana More Than Likely Belongs To Yooper, Please Share To Help Find Owner

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Alrighty, Yoopers! There was a Go Pro lost in Punta Cana and the owner is more than likely a Yooper. OWNER FOUND CLICK HERE FOR UPDATE. We’ve got to get this Go Pro to the rightful owner. Everyone is assuming a Yooper because of the image in the background and all of the snow… And well I’m assuming it is a Yooper as well.

Brett Engelking posted on facebook: “OK Social Media, need some help here. Found a GoPro at the bottom of the ocean in Punta Cana and I’m trying to find the rightful owner. Was lost at sea March 1st and I found it March 10th.

Screen shot (Image) below was taken by the owner and judging by the Lake Superior pic, snow outside and deer head on the wall, I’m guessing Northern WI, MN or ‘da UP, eh?

Believe the guy on the right is the owner so if you know him or anyone else in the pic, let me know or send to them. I’ve contacted GoPro as well with the serial number to see if he registered it. Help me get it home!”

How about the guy finding this through, way to be.

I’m sure the owner will be very thankful. But we’ve got to find out who the owner is. Be sure to share this! Let’s get it to the owner.

If you have any tips feel free to leave a comment.

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