Good thing Joe Judge is a stickler for detail

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You know, after years and years and years of losing (despite two fluke super bowls), you gotta bring in a guy who’s gonna nip bad habits in the bud. That’s why the Giants hiring Joe Judge was such a brilliant move last season. The guy comes from the prestigious Bill Bellichick coaching tree, so you know he’s gonna be a hard-nosed leader who doesn’t take any shit, and always has his team ready to play.

You saw it tonight, the Giants played basically mistake-free football, only committing 11 penalites for 81 yards. That’s what happens when someone whos maniacal about detail comes in and cracks his whip, the amount of dumb plays just decreases drastically. He’s even got Daniel Jones using his feet now! Check out this run, I mean, the sheer discipline out of this offense is palpable.

Yeah, the G-men didn’t pull the win out tonight, but they’ve got nothing to hang their hats on. They were just bested by a better team, with a great home crowd behind them. It would be one thing if they completely gave the game away, but a hardass like Joe Judge would never let something so egregious happen. If they lose, they’re gonna go down fighting like they did tonight, they’re not just gonna hand the other team a cheap and easy victory. That’s not the Joe Judge way.

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