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Golden Tate Caught Cheating; Jordan Love Starting In Week 1 For Green Bay Packers?

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Reporting on a cheating scandal can sometimes be difficult, but from a journalistic perspective it is important that the truth comes out.

Golden Tate was never the greatest wide receiver in the NFL, but at times he certainly had moments of brilliance. He was a solid number two receiver but never quite had the ability to become the “top guy” on the team.

Which is surprising, considering he was suspended by the NFL in 2019 for using performance enhancing drugs. You would think with use PED’s that Tate would have been given that extra boost to become a “top guy” but somehow even with cheating he still wasn’t able to get the job done.

Simply put, Golden Tate is a cheater. It may be part of the reason why he is not currently on an NFL team.

In other NFL news, Green Bay Packers backup quarterback Jordan Love claims he is ready to start Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season assuming that Aaron Rodgers continues to hold out.

“A hundred percent,” Love said when asked if he is prepared to be the Week 1 starter. “Obviously, this is a time where I’m getting a lot of extremely valuable reps that I might not have been getting in a normal circumstance. So I’m just going to take it day by day. … But yeah, that’s what I’m here for. I was drafted here to play quarterback, so I’ll definitely be ready Week 1.”

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