Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis Has The Most Outrageous Take On Kyrie Irving’s Ankle Injury; “Thats The Same Ankle Stomp On Lucky With”

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Kyrie Irving left Game 4 today with an apparent ankle injury, thankful the X-Rays came back negative. Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis had an outrageous take saying: “That’s the same ankle that stopped on lucky” that is pretty disgusting take if you ask me.

I am not a fan off Kyrie and I have had many strong takes but when you ‘celebrate’ or are happy that an athlete got injured that probably is the weirdest thing in sports. I don’t know if Big Baby was airing out any grievances or is trying to have a ‘hot take’ so people can talk about him again but this is bizarre too me.

I have no idea what would make him defend a mascot over another athletes health but this is just very odd behavior in general.

Anyways I am sure Davis won’t release an apology or anything like that but I am sure some athletes or celebrities will be public in their scrutiny of Big Baby’s take. We will have to wait and see what happens.

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