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GirlsDoPorn Owner Wanted By The FBI On Disturbing Charges

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation is offering up to $10,000 for information that leads to the capture of GirlsDoPorn owner Michael James Pratt. They currently have the 37-year-old on the FBI Ten Most Wanted list. He is facing multiple charges including child pornography, sex trafficking, fraud and criminal forfeiture.

Back in January, a San Diego judge ruled in favor of 22 Jane Doe plaintiffs in a $12.7 million verdict against Pratt.

Pratt was posting online ads for modeling and adult entertainment work that he said would pay between $3,000 and $5,000 per shoot. None of the women ever received any payment. He then left the United States and moved GirlsDoPorn overseas with him. He is originally from New Zealand.

Some of the models who worked with GirlsDoPorn were discovered to be under the legal age of 18. Pratt told the women that the content would not be shown in America and only used for private DVD buyers and international websites. The scenes ended up being posted up on GirlsDoPorn for the entire world to see and clips showed up for free on PornHub.

The models claimed that they were forced to stay on set for long hours until production was completed. They also allege that they were forced to engage in sexual situations they did not feel comfortable with or initially agree to.

I spoke to a well-known adult actress (who wanted to be anonymous) about this story. She told me that not many adult stars are getting large sums to do scenes over the last few years. She said she was getting offered between $600 and $900 per scene before the virus pandemic. She said any ads offering several thousand dollars for unknown and new models is probably an automatic red flag to be a scam.

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