Gigi Hadid Take A Breath- Julia Rose Has You Beat and Jake Paul Might Just Knock Out Your Boyfriend Zayn | @JakePaul @zaynmalik @GigiHadid @JuliaRose_33

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Oh, you don’t like the Paul brothers! Nothing new.

Seems like it’s something you hear on the regular. It’s getting pretty sickening. Jake and Logan Paul are two completely different people from the high school Paul brothers! If you actually listen to Jake Paul when he is a guest on ImPaulsive, you might actually feel for him.

It’s literally getting to the point where Jake says anything and there is half the world after him. It’s getting pretty sickening. Last week he tweeted about anxiety and how he handles it and he received more hate than anyone I’ve ever seen.

The story from today is a little different, maybe Jake shouldn’t have tweeted this out. Maybe he should have left it where it was, but….. I’m assuming that Jake was drunk while he tweeted this…

Dumb tweet? Maybe. He ended up explaining the situation a little more… And added “I feel bad for childhood stars”….

But… Jake might be trying to get Zayn to be his next boxing opponent. Could you imagine the payday for both of them? I mean… If Jake was trying to be friendly to Zayn and he started freaking out at him that’s a bit ridiculous. Hopefully there is some footage from this! Would be awesome if someone leaked it.

But… after Jake tweeted this, Gigi Hadid got involved. She tweeted out that he didn’t care to hang with him and his embarrassing crew of YouTube groupies.

OOOOOOHHH! Burn… Not really.

Yeah, Gigi, you and your boyfriend can walk around like your shiiiiiiittt don’tttt staaaank… But c’mon! Let’s be real. I haven’t heard your name in…. awhile? Zayne? I didn’t know that was his name even!

And…. not to mention…. Jake Paul’s girlfriend has you beat.

I can’t lie… Julia Rose might just one up you… Two of the worlds most gorgeous women… BUT…..

You tell me. Should Jake and Zayn fight? Should Julia and Gigi beef start? I’m here for all the content.

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