Giants GM Dave Gettleman should admit he was wrong; trade back for Odell Beckham Jr

The clock is ticking on Dave Gettleman as the general manager of the New York Giants. He needs a miracle to save his job.

The 70-year-old has had a disaster tenure since taking the reigns as the Giants GM back in December of 2017. 16-38 to be exact.

Gettleman has made a lot of blunders during his time as the Giants general manager. Many consider trading away Odell Beckham Jr to be one of his worst.

Many have felt that the Giants got the better end of that deal when they got Cleveland’s first round pick, which was used for Dexter Lawrence, but the Giants are likely going to trade Jabrill Peppers, who was acquired in the trade, and the other pick the Giants got from Cleveland, the third rounder, was used for Oshane Ximines, and thus far, he’s been a bust.

With Beckham rumored to being on the trade block due to him being an ineffective part of the Browns offense, some have wondered if Cleveland will pull the trigger on a trade to send Beckham out.

Since “Trader Dave” is known for making a deal or two, here’s one he should absolutely do. Call the Browns back up and ask for Beckham back for a conditional draft pick.

Beckham thus far has only 16 catches for 226 yards and zero touchdowns. Beckham is also in the third year of the five-year, $90 million deal he got from the Giants back in August of 2018. Cleveland would love nothing more than to shed that deal.

On the flip, the Giants would likely have to get creative in order to fit Beckham’s salary into the cap, but they’ve done it before in the last for other salaries.

Gettleman getting Beckham back would undo a wrong and add a receiver that never wanted to leave. It would also give the Giants someone to actually throw to considering the toll the depth chart of the Giants receiving group has taken; Kenny Golladay, Darius Slayton and now Kadarius Toney, all out. Plus Saquon Barkley, who suffered a low ankle sprain two weeks ago in Dallas.

Will getting Beckham back save Gettleman’s job? Probably not. But it would at least give him the chance to save face with the fans of the organization.

Think of it as a going away present from Gettleman to the fans of the Giants who have had to deal with his blunders over the last four years.

The trade deadline is November 2. The Giants have two more games to potentially get embarrassed in before that. Dave Gettleman should strike now before it’s too late and he has more egg on his face and before his eventual exit out of East Rutherford.

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