Giancarlo Stanton is Reminding Everyone That He is The Best Hitter In Baseball

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Yes Giancarlo is the best hitter in baseball better that bum in Los Angeles that no one should get a shit about because he has only been to the playoffs once and doesn’t care about winning.

I digress Stanton is the hottest hitter in baseball at the current moment extending his hitting streak to 11 games with another three hits tonight with four RBIs and one of them being a two run home run.

Needs to be updated he has 5 HR, 24 Hits and is hitting .493 INSANE

It is refreshing seeing Stanton doing this, Yankees fans got a glimpse of the dominate player we have wanted him to last season since they acquired him in 2018. It seems a lot of people have forgotten this is a former MVP a dude that legitimately can hit 40 homeruns in a season whenever he wants.

He is so locked in and it is so fun to watch. Also a big F-you to all Yankees fans that have booed this man, go be a Mets fans you degenerates, freaking clowns. Stanton is leading the Yankees in homeruns (8) and this man is on pace to have 66 HRs this year (if there is anyone that could this it is Stanton).

Oh by the way the Yankees have had a terrible start to the year but they are 16-14 now and have won their last 10 of 13. I think they will be just fine, stay the course you schmucks.

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