Giancarlo Stanton Hit A Grand Slam 500 Feet Tonight

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Ok ok statcast projection was 471 feet but you get the point. Stanton tonight launched a monster grand-slam that gave the Yankees their second win of the season against the Baltimore tonight.

Man I would kill for a healthy Stanton for the whole year. I have a feeling he is going to have a monster season this year and put up insane numbers if that is the case.

I am really looking forward to this season for the Yankees despite their 2-2 start. Obviously the season is so young and they have a ton of questions surrounding the overall health of this roster as usual.

Also the pitcher that decided that this was a good location to pitch Stanton should probably be sent down to Triple-A or something because yikes that locations is horrendous.

Anyways I am wishing my Yankees a happy and healthy 2021 season that will hopefully end in October with them winning their 28th World Series Title (A man can dream),.

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