Get To Know Better The AFC Bets For 2020 NFL Finals

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The first quarter of 2020 will be marked as the most anticipated time of the year for football fans as the NFL Super Bowl 54 is set to unfold. This legendary sporting event will take place at Hard Rock Stadium in Florida on February 2, 2020. The show will become more exciting as Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will perform during the halftime show. 

With all the preparations done for this most awaited NFL finals, qualifying teams are also ready to compete. Even the team’s coaches are working out to make their offensive and defensive styles unpredictable this year. 

Super Bowl 54 has been a buzz in all media platforms even though it’s still yet to take place, the list of contenders is now complete, so bettors can finally have their choices as to what team they’re going to wager. This year’s NFL finals are a battle of the toughest teams from the American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC) Divisions.

Many fans get even more excited as these teams finished their respective divisions with flying colors. Some even say that AFC teams can dominate the NFL finals. Will this year’s Super Bowl 54 championship title will be bagged by a team coming from AFC Division? Let’s get to know them better and see how their betting lines look like. 

Houston Texans 

The Houston Texans took home the AFC South Division Championship title. They defeated the Colts, Titans, and Jaguars, finishing with eleven wins and five losses. Bill O’Brien be the team’s head coach this year. He said that his team would continue to look for possibilities of winning the Super Bowl 54 after they have recovered from clinching division titles in 2011. 

After this team won the championship title from the AFC South, they earned praises from the sports community. They were even considered as one of the toughest teams to beat at the Super Bowl 54. Also, Texans will have their sixth appearance in the NFL finals with high hopes to win the title next year. 

Baltimore Ravens

Another tough team to beat for the NFL finals next year is the Baltimore Ravens. This team took the championship title in the AFC North Division. Their final records stick on ten wins and six losses after defeating the Steelers, Browns, and Bengals, which helped them to earn a spot in the NFL finals.

In the current standings of the best team to perform in the Super Bowl 54, they took the second spot with the highest odds value to win. Through their career, this team has appeared in the NFL finals for twelve times since 2000. They also recorded two Super Bowl championship titles. Clearly, the Ravens are on their feet looking for a big comeback this year. 

Kansas City Chiefs 

The third team to appear in the NFL finals coming from the AFC Division is the Kansas City Chiefs. They ended the AFC West Division with a record of twelve wins and four losses. The Chiefs is also one of the teams with the highest odds value to bet. 

Spearheaded by Andy Reid, this team has finally earned their spot in the NFL finals after they continually got a twelve-year losing streak.

Los Angeles Chargers 

Los Angeles Charges gained their NFL finals ticket after they tied with Kansas City Chiefs. They successfully finished their AFC West Division with twelve wins and four losses. That said, we will see a rematch between the Chiefs and the Chargers in the NFL finals. 

This team is coached by Anthony Lynn, who has given the Chargers a ray of hope to vie for next year’s Super Bowl 54 championship title.

New England Patriots 

The New England Patriots completes the list for the teams to compete in the NFL finals coming from the AFC Division. They bested the Dolphins, Bills, and Jets, leaving an impressive victory record in the AFC East of eleven wins and five losses. The team is headed by Bill Belichick, who is one of the best football coaches in history. 

The Pats is also the most favored to win along with the highest odds value. Tom Brady, who plays the quarterback role in the team, believes that they can possibly clinch the SUp-er Bowl 54 title next year. 


The intensity of the 2020 NFL Super Bowl 54 starts to fill the air of Hard Rock Stadium. Even though it’s still the holiday season, football fans can’t contain their excitement about this most anticipated sports tournament next year. As such, many bettors are also getting ready as to what entries deems the best odds value to wager. After knowing the team coming from AFC Division, should you include their names on the list of your bets?

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