Gene Steratore is a Dummy

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SaberMetrically speaking, I think Gene Steratore is roughly 0-700,000 in his analysis today. Literally every time Gene gives his take on what the refs are gonna do, they do the opposite. So next time your team’s playing on CBS and Steratore says they’re gonna call back one of your touchdowns, just start celebrating, because the call is gonna stand.

Sidenote: Steratore has the least engaging social media I’ve ever seen. He’s literally the CBS officiating guy, and he live tweets analysis on Sundays. Should be a pretty happening twitter on NFL Sundays, right? No! The guy struggles to break ten likes!

I digress, but seriously, if you’re ever feeling insecure about your social media engagement, just head over to Steratore’s twitter. The guys incompetence was no more on display than on this AJ Brown touchdown:

I don’t know, I guess you consider me a layman when it comes to NFL officiating, but it took me one look to be able to tell that Brown got two feet in. Gene, however, decided to bask in the attention he was getting on this one, and pontificated whether or not Brown’s left foot came down in bounds for about six and a half hours, or at least thats what it felt like.

I shit you not, it was so damn obvious that the left foot hit, I saw after one replay, but needy Gene requested angle after angle after angle, completely taking advantage of the fact that we cared about his input.

After minutes of deliberation, dummy finally concluded that the refs will overturn this catch, because Browns right shin hit out of bounds before his left foot touched in bounds.

For starters, wrong. And secondly, the call on the field was a touchdown. Anyone who’s watched ten minutes of football in their lives know that refs need an overwhelming amount of evidence to reverse a call, so did Gene really think there was enough evidence here? Like, if you need 700 different camera angles and you still have to take an educated guess on what happened, its a pretty safe bet that the call on the field will stand. Fade Gene Steratore.

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