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GCW ”Slime Season” Free Stream Results 12/5/20

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Game Changer Wrestling results from the GCW Performance Center on 12/5/20 live on YouTube:

This show was originally supposed to take place as a big Las Vegas debut for the company but plans changed because of the virus pandemic. It is now a no fans show and benefit event for the talent struggling with the lack of bookings due to the pandemic. There is an interactive option on YouTube for fans watching at home to donate money.

Chris Bey pinned Jordan Oliver with a crucifix driver.

Joey Janela is on commentary. He put himself over by saying Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful called him ”The Godfather of Independent Pro Wrestling”. Either Sapp is pandering as usual or he doesn’t recall guys like Sabu, Al Snow, and Sean Waltman in the 1990s or CM Punk and Colt Cabana in the 2000s.

Sefa Fatu pinned Facade after a Samoan Splash. Fatu is another son of Rikishi’s.

Jacob Fatu pinned Matthew Justice after a moonsault. This was a hardcore match. They used doors, chairs, and a trash can as the weapons.

KYB won a Scramble Match over Jimmy Lloyd, Matt Vandagriff, Damien Drake, Eli Everfly, and Spyder Nate Webb.

Mance Warner pinned Atticus Cogar after a DDT off the ropes through a door set up in the ring below.

Allie Kat pinned Kikutaro after a lariat. This was a total comedy match that old school purists will say is everything wrong with what passes for modern pro wrestling. It went on way too long.

GCW Champion Rickey Shane Page pinned Juicy Finau in a non-title match with a cradle and hold the tights when Finau missed a moonsault.

Blake Christian pinned Lio Rush. Rush could have had the match won after the frog splash but he decided to pick Christian up at the two count. He then hit Blake with lariats and tried to pick him up for another one but Christian countered into a pin. After the match, Christian looked just as surprised as Rush was and he crawled to the back. Rush was doing the brooding and menacing Blackheart gimmick and they wrestled under dim lighting.

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