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GCW “Backyard Wrestling 2” Results 7/4/20

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GCW “Backyard Wrestling 2” results from Backyard, USA 🇺🇸 on 7/4/20 live on FITE:

This show had fans allowed in by special invitation only. Joey Janela is part of the commentary team. 

Rickey Shane Page pinned Alex Zayne after giving him a Storm Cradle Driver off of the top rope through a door set up between two chairs in the ring.

Paco Loco (aka Chris Dickinson) pinned KC Kwik (aka Kit Osbourne) after throwing him into a door set up in the corner. Loco threw him into a door a few times during the match but it would not break. They brawled up on top of a small scaffolding connected to the ring. Loco blew mist into Kwik’s face and Kwik fell off into boards set up on the ground. Kwik bashed Loco over the head with a couple of light tubes.

Nasty Leroy pinned Dilfboi Daltano on top of a car. Leroy pulled out what looked to be a gun and pointed it at a Bobcat truck driver. He ordered the driver to scoop Dilfboi up in the truck shovel and drop him right on top of the car.

Allie Kat beat Denver Colorado by submission in a swimming pool. They used light tubes as weapons.

Tony Deppen pinned Kombat Kid (aka Chase Burnett) after a knee strike. 

Kyle Smiley (aka KTB) pinned Logan Stunt after a DVD off the ropes into a trampoline by the ring. They broke the trampoline. This was wild. Earlier in the match, Smiley tried to give Stunt a powerbomb on the trampoline but Stunt bounced up in the air and grabbed a tree branch. He hung from the tree for a few seconds then jumped down and hit Smiley with a hurricanrana. He then ran towards Smiley and they both fell off of the trampoline into a board below.


Allie Kat joins the commentary team.

Dexter White (aka Atticus Cogar) pinned Vampyro (aka Facade) after an Air Raid Crash off of scaffolding into flaming boards below. They did all kinds of dangerous stuff. Vampryo blew fire and White barely blocked it by using a barb wire board as a shield. Vampryo swung from a tree limb and gave White an elbow drop into the trampoline. White suplexed Vampryo into the barb wire board. Vampryo did a springboard drop kick and smashed light tubes into White’s face.

Nasty Leroy joins in on commentary.

Nick Gage, Joe Gacy, Matt Demorest, and Lucky 13 beat Jordan Oliver, Blake Christian, Jimmy Lloyd, and Cole Radrick in an elimination match when Gage pinned Lloyd after a piledriver to become the lone survivor.

El Shlako (aka SHLAK) beat JJ Escobar (aka JJ Allin) by referee stoppage/TKO after lighting off fireworks on his crotch. Shlako used a car to run Escobar over during the match.

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