Gas > Gase Jets New Head Coach Robert Saleh Impresses At His Press Conference

New York Jets new head coach Robert Saleh had his introductory press conference today and no negative memes came out of it so that alone is a major success from the last head coach hiring. Saleh is very refreshing and seems to have something the Jets organization has lacked for years stability. Oh yeah and his mantra is something every Jets fan can fall in love with “All gas no break”

Maybe this is me being a naive Jets fan who has suffered through being tortured for years. It really seems like things are changing through this organization and it starts with Joe Douglas at the top. The culture is changing and that is very evident. Saleh is super well respected by people throughout the NFL from players to coaches and everyone in between this seems like a homer hire on paper and unless you are a miserable Jets fan (which I won’t blame you if you are) you should be excited about this hire and where the Jets are going.

With Saleh coming over to the Jets it is very cool to see free agents like Richard Sherman, Allen Robinson among other players interested in coming to play for him and the Jets organization. Even the rumors of Deshaun Watson possibly wanting to come join the Jets just goes to prove things are really changing for the better.

It is super encouraging to see change happening and a future that seems brighter than it has ever been. Let Robert said there is a lot of work to do but it is time to get to work. It will be interesting to see what they do because there is a lot of uncertainty with this team; do you trade for Watson? Do you keep the number two or trade it? Do you keep Sam Darnold? What free agents do they sign? All these questions seem simple but is not, time will tell but you have to be excited if your a Jets fan!

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