Garner Minshew Nicknames His Mullet the “Mississippi Mudflap”

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I don’t think this headline should serve as a surprise to anybody, but incase you were wondering, Garner Minshew’s turned to the mullet. This just feels right, you know? Minshew Just seems like a mullet guy. Thats the guy that shows up to the party in jeans and a flannel and shotguns every brew in sight. That’s the type of guy you wanna be around.

Is this the type of guy to be a franchise quarterback? Probably not (sorry to go Cowherd there). But in terms of an all-time backup, this is your guy for sure. Not talented enough to threaten any competent starter, but drippy enough to be a great locker room dude, and then maybe he’ll make some plays if he’s asked. At the very least he’ll look like an absolute Alpha with that mullet.

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I'm an 18 Year Old who's repeatedly had his heart ripped out by the Cowboys, Yankees, and Nets. Proud displayer of a jewy haircut, and even jewier nose. Here 4 a good tyme.

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